Mammae was founded by three passionate breastfeeding midwives. The name mammae originate from Latin meaning mammary gland. It has also other meanings such as mamma; the word for mom in many languages. Also amma means breastfeeding in Swedish.

Becoming a parent is a very special time in your life. Many parents have their own ideas of how to nurture and feed their child. In Finland, for example breastfeeding exclusively the first six months is recommended and thereafter until one year of age while complementary foods are introduced. Breastfeeding may be continued if the mother desire. We will help you reach your breastfeeding goals whether it is for few months or several years. We are here for you and your family.

We are the only health professionals in Varsinais-Suomi specializing in breastfeeding. We provide our services confidentiality in Finnish, Swedish and English. Contact us for more information.


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Mammae - breastfeeding guidance makes a difference

Marikoo Kotisivuratkaisut